Angel Maker

Author: Alex North
Publisher: Celadon Books
Date Published: February 28, 2023

Fate…or just pure evil

When I first started reading The Angel Maker, I was convinced I was delving into a YA story about a romance between two teenagers. But when the question arose, “If you could see into the future, would you want to?” I was intrigued because who hasn’t asked themselves that question?

The story jumps ahead to the future and the mystery ensues – why has a wealthy man let go of his staff just before he died? Who murdered him, and did he know it was going to happen?

There were a lot of characters which at first was confusing, but I knew there would eventually be connections.
The book felt to me like it was written in the era of Jack the Ripper, or Sherlock Holmes. It had an atmosphere of dark alleys, crumbling, moldy, mansions, and antiquities. The horror was just under the surface.

Background image thanks to  Maxim Tajer on Unsplash

Many thanks to NetGalley/Bookish First and Celadon Books for an advance reader’s copy!

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