Category: Mystery

  • The Fear of Winter

    The Fear of Winter

    Author: S. C. SterlingPublisher: No Bueno PublishingDate Published: January 18, 2023 This book starts out as a search for a missing daughter but turns into so much more. It’s the story of what happens to a married couple when tragedy strikes, the desperation of lives marred by drugs and alcohol, and the splinter between children and […]

  • The Neighbour

    The Neighbour

    Author: Gemma RogersPublisher: Boldwood BooksDate Published: January 5, 2023 You know what they say – if it seems too good…. When Shelley’s mom dies after a long bout with dementia, Shelley is so happy to find a 6-month lease on a decent house on Beech Close in a great school catchment area. But when she gets […]

  • The Summer Party

    The Summer Party

    Author: Rebecca HeathPublisher: Aria & AriesDate Published: January 5, 2023 This was a taut thriller about a woman named Lucy who returns to clean out her Nan’s house a few month’s after she passes. Coincidentally, just before she arrives, a body is found near the cliffside of her childhood friend’s house. Even after all these years, […]

  • The Narrator

    The Narrator

    Author: K. L. SlaterPublisher: BookoutureDate Published: January 6, 2023 There are several plots running through this book: I loved how the author had you suspecting everyone until the end. Of course, you must suspend disbelief for the outrageous ending, but it was a quick, fun read to get there! K. L. Slater is always worth reading! […]

  • The Last Party

    The Last Party

    Author: Clare MackintoshPublisher: Sourcebooks LandmarkDate Published: November 8, 2022 Holy bunch of suspects! It’s no secret that there are many people who have a reason to dislike Rhys Lloyd. But there are secrets between the wealthy members of The Shore, the resort lodges he co-built. Then there are the secrets of the Welsh townspeople who once […]

  • The Scam

    The Scam

    Author: Evie HunterPublisher: Boldwood BooksDate Published: November 3, 2022 BLOG TOUR Summary No one can be trusted…. Amongst the wealth and glitter of St Tropez, Sky Kennedy is living her best life, with the perfect man by her side. Rich and gorgeous, Karim has shown her a world she could have barely imagined, and she doesn’t […]

  • Into the Woods

    Into the Woods

    Author: Lorraine MurphyPublisher: Inkubator BooksDate Published: August 21, 2022 Into the Woods a well told story about the disappearance of a little girl and her family’s fight to save her. The author covered everything – the dangers of social media, loss of a child, mental illness, marital issues, parent alienation – with compassion and authenticity. I […]

  • The Other Girlfriend

    The Other Girlfriend

    Author: Alex StonePublisher: Boldwood BooksDate Published: July 28, 2022 Even though there was a slow burn to the “secret” that had Lizzie/Beth feeling so guilty, it was easy to guess. As was the rest of the book. Beth is pining for the “love of her life”. The story is told in flashbacks to when Lizzie, Tom, […]

  • The Couple at Number 9

    The Couple at Number 9

    Author: Claire DouglasPublisher: Harper PerennialDate Published: August 2, 2022 What do you do when you need clarification about events that happened 30 years ago, but the only person with a memory of what happened is in a care home for dementia? This book rings so true for the descriptions of what it is like to wish […]

  • The It Girl

    The It Girl

    Author: Ruth WarePublisher: Gallery Books, Gallery/Scout PressDate Published: July 12, 2022 I jumped over all the other books on my TBR pile to get to review The It Girl. Because…Ruth Ware, ya’ll!! This is decidedly a departure from her earlier books, which had a more gothic, more locked room, Agatha Christie feel, so I had to […]