The Summer Party

Author: Rebecca Heath
Publisher: Aria & Aries
Date Published: January 5, 2023

This was a taut thriller about a woman named Lucy who returns to clean out her Nan’s house a few month’s after she passes. Coincidentally, just before she arrives, a body is found near the cliffside of her childhood friend’s house. Even after all these years, her life is tied up in the lives and secrets of the wealthy family on the hill, as were her grandmother and grandfather’s. There is a love interest (well, a couple, a little too much giddy romance for me), and there are suspects (several).

I enjoyed the writing by author Rebecca Heath. I could almost feel the waves splashing, and see the gigantic house overlooking the cliff, hear the fountain, and see the lights in the window. And let’s not forget Hades, ornery but loyal “mountain of a dog” who is pretty good at telling friend from foe!

Thanks to NetGalley and Aria & Aires for an advance reader’s copy.

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