The Other Girlfriend

Author: Alex Stone
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Date Published: July 28, 2022

Even though there was a slow burn to the “secret” that had Lizzie/Beth feeling so guilty, it was easy to guess. As was the rest of the book.

Beth is pining for the “love of her life”. The story is told in flashbacks to when Lizzie, Tom, Hannah, Rebecca and Luke go on a camping trip for a little get away. There is a lot of wine, and after playing a game of truth or dare, Lizzie, Tom and Hannah go up the mountain. Only Lizzie and Tom come back, but Lizzie doesn’t remember anything, and has lived her life full of regrets and guilt for Tom’s decision to not see her again.

But after 10 years Tom is back in her life and even though I liked the younger Tom, the older Tom is a total jerk. Beth has been pining for him all these years though, so she’s blinded to the manipulation he brings to this new relationship. But as a reader, it wasn’t hard for me to see where this was going, and I just kept wishing Beth would wake up. When she finally does, though, it’s so sudden it made my head spin.

This was a quick read, but I like my twists to be less predictable. Others may like the short chapters, the handling of the mental health issues (agoraphobia, OCD), which were handled well.

Background photo courtesy of @yogidan2012 at @unsplash

Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for an advance reader’s copy.

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