The Silent Wife

Author: Ruth Harrow
Publisher: Inkubator Books
Date Published: May 14, 2023

Why would a woman walk out of her house in the middle of cooking dinner? That’s what James wonders when he hears the smoke alarms going off as things are burning on the stove. But Sarah’s sister Kate thinks she knows why. Because running is what Sarah does.

And even though Kate is hesitant to get the police involved, she is worried about her brother-in-law, James, so much so that she is spending an awful lot of time with him and well…. we know where that is going. James thinks Sarah is telling lies, Sarah thinks James is telling lies. Kate’s husband, Chris, might be telling lies. And Kate is forced to tell some white lies. So many lies!

We eventually find out about the secrets in Sarah’s past – one that is predictable, and one that comes out of left field. By the time Kate unravels what has actually driven Sarah from her home and marriage, Kate’s in serious trouble – and so is her marriage.

To me, the sign of a good book is still thinking about it when you go on to the next book, and that’s exactly how I felt about The Silent Wife. As with her other books, Ruth Harrow knows how to tell a suspenseful tale!

Thanks to NetGalley, Inkubator Books, and Booksprout for an advanced reader’s copy.

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