Don’t Look Back

Author: Jo Spain
Publisher: Quercus Books
Date Published: May 11, 2023

This book takes us from London, to the Caribbean, to County Donegal Ireland, and back again. It has a really well written complicated plot that was tied together beautifully by author Spain.

The characters in the book are a) damaged b) on the border of criminality through their connections/actions or c) both. Three of the characters have a history of abuse in their lives that is a unifying theme in the book.

But it is Rose’s fear and need to be on the run from her past that drives the story. Even when she’s on a Caribbean island for a belated honeymoon she’s arranged with her new husband, Luke. But then she presents him with the real reason they’re on the island: she’s been attacked by her ex, and now there’s a dead body in Luke’s apartment. She wants to run; Luke wants to stay and fight. He calls in a woman from his past, Mickey, a former attorney and now an advocate who helps women in similar situations.

But now, the unexpected has happened, and Mickey isn’t sure whose side she’s on. And now there’s more than one person running.

I enjoyed Spain’s book, The Perfect Lie, and as with that, this book did not disappoint. It’s an intelligent story that will keep you riveted.

Thanks to NetGalley and Quercus Books for an advance reader’s copy.

Background photo courtesy of Peter Fogden at Unsplash.

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