No One Needs to Know

Author: Lindsay Cameron
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine, Bantam
Date Published: May 9, 2023

I absolutely loved this book! It had all the consequences. The consequences of using social media unwisely – to spread rumors, to bully, or to share secrets. The consequences of having affairs, of competing for your child’s advancement in the cutthroat world of private school admissions, and most of all, the consequences of living a high-profile lifestyle as a one percenter.

While the idea of an anonymous site where you can bare your soul (and there are several real-life sites) has a heady draw for the moms on the UES (Upper East Side) of NYC, the backlash can be quick and vicious. So, when a picture taken at a private teen dance goes public, there is blood in the water!

Each of the families involved in the scandal that erupts has secrets and lies, and once the police get involved after one of them goes missing, it’s confession time. Not because they’ve decided to tell the truth; but because the UrbanMyth site has been hacked, releasing the so-called “anonymous” information.

This was a fast-paced read, filled with not-so-nice people, gray areas and ethical choices that will keep you mesmerized. This is my second 5 star read from Lindsay Cameron and I can’t wait for her next book!

Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group – Bantam for an advance reader’s copy.

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