For You and Only You

Author: Carolyn Kepnes
Publisher: Random House
Date Published: April 25, 2023

So many dead bodies. RIP…RIP…RIP. And yet somehow, we knew that was coming because Joe is the serial killer we love to love!

But can we talk about Caroline Kepnes and her incredible word play? Songs, books, movies, cultural references, oh my! Throwbacks to the previous books and the TV series (“Everyone’s pissed in a copy of coffee at some point”). And some tongue in cheek jabs at the book business, publishing and Harvard, and yes that right jab at Goodreads girls got me where it hurts! But like Joe, I’m going to relentlessly pursue my loves (books) and pushing out reviews on Goodreads and socials.

This book veered a little off course from the first three in the series…. this time, the girl, Wonder, loves him. No, she doesn’t. But now she does. And he loves her. But now he doesn’t. So luckily, we still have the same Joe-lusional thinking – he’s right, and there’s something wrong with everyone else. The books beg the question, can you truly be happy for someone whose star is rising while yours might be on the downslide? But also, he’s got a nemesis, SB, and she “sees” him. Because maybe she’s just a little more warped than he is…

How can I ever thank YOU – NetGalley, Random House and Caroline Kepnes for bringing this bit of smart writing into my life!

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