Where Are the Children Now?

Author: Mary Higgins Clark, Alafair Burke
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Date Published: April 18, 2023

Can history repeat itself? How many coincidences are too many? That is the question the police are trying to figure out. Melissa is the daughter of Nancy Harmon who was featured in Mary Higgins Clark’s original “Where Are the Children”. In this standalone sequel co-authored by Alafair Burke, Melissa gains a stepdaughter through marriage…only to awake to find her missing. Just like her mother before her, Melissa is suspected of having a role in the kidnapping.

While her posts on social media are drawing out a troll, Melissa’s publicist thinks it’s good for business. But Melissa has her suspicions about who the lurker is. As a true crime podcaster, Melissa uses her research skills and the memory of her own kidnapping as she comes to the conclusion that not everyone around her is telling the truth.

The characters are so well developed you’ll feel like you know the whole family – Nancy, Mike (Melissa’s brother who was kidnapped along with her), Kate, Charlie and even Patrick, Melissa’s ex. The pacing is just tense enough to keep you reading and guessing along with Melissa. And the ending is just short of heartbreaking.

Kudos to Alafair for keeping MHC alive in our minds and hearts.

Background photo courtesy of quentinlagache on Unsplash.

Thanks to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for this fascinating read.

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