The In-Laws

Author: Laura Wolfe
Publisher: Bookouture
Date Published: January 26, 2023

Camping in the remote woods with your in-laws-to-be. What could go wrong?

Abigail and her parents have only met once, and it didn’t go so well. As a participant in many “required” bonding events, I cringed when bride-to-be Abigail suggests a 3-day guided camping trip with organized exercises. Of course, they can’t take the main trails because what would be the fun in that? Not! They hike deep into the woods which should already be a red flag.

But there are other events: a strange encounter, odd messages, and eerie screams in the night.

Since we know from the start that someone falls to their death, it’s only a matter of whom, and when. And the why will blow you away.

I am thrilled that NetGalley and Bookouture gave me the opportunity to read an advance reader’s copy of this intense and fast-paced thriller!

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