The Woman on the Bench

Author: Eliot Stevens
Publisher: Inkubator Books
Date Published: August 28, 2022

It’s the stuff of romance novels: a chance encounter with a perfect stranger. A shared moment. The wish for more.

So it went for Mark and Alice, who encounter each other at a party. Mark is there with his wife Cecilia and doesn’t get the chance to find out more about Alice. So, he can’t believe his luck when Alice finds him, and they decide to meet at “their bench”. The relationship quickly escalates.

At first, we feel sorry for Mark. He’s the “good guy”. But then we find out more of his back story and feel sorry for his beautiful wife, still hurting from a miscarriage, and Mark’s bad behavior during her pregnancy. Plus, she knows something about Mark that could ruin him.

Mark should have known something bad was going to happen. Alice knows much more about him than he does about her. But he’s thinking with his emotions not with his brain – he’s so flattered by Alice’s attention he can’t see that he has completely lost his moral compass. You won’t even feel sorry for Mark when he’s blindsided. He’s been so stinking smug about his affair!

Although we can see where the book is headed, the author meanders toward the ending so when we get there, it’s with great satisfaction!

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