You’re Invited

Author: Amanda Jayatissa
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Date Published: August 9, 2022

Once again, I enjoyed the perspective that Amanada Jayatissa brings to her novels. We get a wonderful glimpse at Sri Lanken culture and traditions, especially the preparations and intricacies of a Sri Lanken wedding in a privileged family.

But this is not just any wedding. It’s a wedding that must be stopped. The only problem is, the one who can stop it has been “uninvited”.

Amaya innocently believes she has been invited to her former best friend’s wedding to her ex-boyfriend. Is she just jealous, or is something darker going on here? She’s determined to stop the wedding of Kaavi and Spencer, and now that she’s in Sri Lanka, she has to carefully navigate the world of aunties, gossip, and mortal tutting.

I loved Amaya’s little asides, imagining in her head what disaster she would like to see befall someone who has slighted her (imagined or otherwise). I also liked how she compulsively and superstitiously checked time to see if it was a good sign before proceeding (because I think, subconsciously, I do that 😉

Although it took a while to get to all of the secrets that EVERYONE was hiding I did not guess the ending and I loved the twists and turns the story took to get there.

Thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for an advance reader’s copy of another great book from Amanda Jayatissa!

Background photo courtesy of @valkyriepierce at unsplash.

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