The New House

Author: Tess Stimson
Publisher: Avon Books UK, Avon
Date Published: August 4, 2022

So many psychopaths! Psychopaths, sociopaths, enablers, oh my!

But as one of the narrators, Mille tells us, there are good and bad psychopaths. She’s one of the good ones. She uses her powers for good as a cardiac surgeon. It what gives he the ability to hold a beating heart in her steady hands, or to operate on someone she knows, without feeling emotion.

So when she gets into a bidding war for the house of her dreams, she sets in motion a domino effect between her family, the owners of The Glass House, Stacey and Felix, and her buyers Harper and Kyle. If Mille and Tom can’t get the house, Harper and Kyle (or kyperlife as their popular vlog is called), can’t buy Mille’s house. The problem is, Harper has already sold her house when she finds out, and is stuck in what she calls her “teeny little rented mouse-house”.

This story takes the notion of house wars to a whole new level. Buying a house is definitely requires a strategy, but the degree of manipulation these three families go to is off the charts. And in the end, someone is dead (no spoiler – we know this from the beginning). We hear many theories about what might have happened, and the whole time we know someone knows the whole story. And in the best suspense style, we must wait until the nail biting ending to find out.

Background photo courtesy Mike Von on Unsplash.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for an advance readers copy.

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