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  • The Wedding Day

    The Wedding Day

    Author: Sue WatsonPublisher: Bookouture Date Published: May 17, 2023 Poor Alice.  If it wasn’t for bad luck, she wouldn’t have any luck at all! She moves from England to escape possible legal issues to what she believes is a blissful escape on the beautiful island of Corfu.  She’s long been fascinated by the cases of…

  • The Nursery

    The Nursery

    Author: Sue WatsonPublisher: BookoutureDate Published: October 20, 2022 We know that Emily and her daughter Sofia have been living quietly in Sidmouth for the past 12 years. We also know that Emily was escaping her ex, and something that she did. But that quiet life is about to blow up when Emily finds her daughter chatting…

  • The Resort

    The Resort

    Author: Sue WatsonPublisher: BookoutureDate Published: June 24, 2022 This is one holiday resort that went the wrong way up! Three couples are all on vacation for different purposes: one for their honeymoon, one to heal after a failed pregnancy, and one because of the wife’s fragile condition. Shortly after meeting each other, they become fast…